Performance Review Examples: Taking Advantage of Identified Strengths

Published: 13th April 2010
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If you've looked up your share of good performance review examples on the internet you should already have noticed that most of them highlight the strengths and weaknesses of employees reviewed. You probably get that doing so is important; but why? Why is it important? Here are three among many instances that show how to take advantage of employee strengths that are identified through performance reviews.

Employee is competent in his work and shows consistent advanced levels of interpersonal communication skills when dealing with customers, co-workers, and even superiors.' The company employs this employee in their workforce, whereas their Human Resources Department needs someone with good communication skills in their department. So they take this particular employee and reposition him in HR, making use of the skills he has the highest levels of.

Employee is initiative-driven, a good team player, proficient in administrative tasks, and is a good leader.' This employee belongs in a team that is headed by a supervisor. But with his performance review, he can easily become assistant supervisor or administrator for his team, given that he's further qualified for the post aside from what his performance shows. If he is, it would be best to assign him to that post instead of hiring externally - preserving workforce morale and established teamwork in that team.

Employee consistently hits performance metrics and acceptable levels of work output. Displays excellent multitasking skills whenever assigned to multiple tasks and excels in each of them.' So he works just enough to break even when doing one task but works wonderfully when given several. He's a "supertasker," one of those people who can drive and talk on the phone without performance impairments on either. Obviously, his strength is best suited for posts that handle multiple tasks at once.

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